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I have no life... [21 Apr 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | Accidently in love ]

Ya, I know. I stole this from Aram. Well I have nothing better to do because I don't have a life. =\

Your life:
They call me: Kayleigh
Also: Dishie, Pengie, Pookie, a Dork, KK, Kaylif...
Sex: Female
Birthday: October 17th, 1990
Status: Hmmm... I can't seem to remember. Lol.
Occupation: Student.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Fast forward ~
College planning to go to: I'm still deciding, but I'm thinking about going to the New York Institute of Arts, Florida State, and yeah. Lots of others. (Hey, there was this enormous magazine in the surgery place and I needed something to get my mind off of the surgery it self. Turns out that the thought of college scares the shit out of me and that book did not do anything but make the fears worse!)
Future resident of: Where ever life takes me.
Wedding: On the beach with the perfect guy that I can spend the rest of my life with (and be happy about it!).
Children: Yessa.

Right now ~
Feeling: Zsa zsa zsuie. Lol. I've been watching way too much Sex and the City. OMG, I love that show! But yeah. Zsa zsa zsu is like butterflies in your stomach, pretty much.
Listening: The cars going by on route nine.
Doing: Watching Sex and the City, typing, and writing a paper for science.
Talking to: Myself. (what else is new?)
Craving: Summer
Thinking of: Err... Stuff?
Hating: School

Love ~
Love is: Out there somewhere.
First love: Hmmm...
Love or lust?: Love
True or false: Depends.

Opposite Sex ~
Turn ons: Someone who can make me smile, nice, cute...
What kinda hair style?: Doesn't really matter....
Turn offs: Stuck up, Jerky, Anything like JEFF.
Are you the type of person to ask for numbers?: Oh yeah, I just randomly walk up to people and ask for their numbers. *Rolls eyes*

Miscellaneous ~
Can you swim?: Yup yup.
What’s your most embarrassing moment?: Well, one of them (as Sarah had to scream out in the middle of L.A. when we were talking about embarressing moments in class) was the time when my beeping pants ripped in the butt and I had to wear a beeping size 0 skirt! Ugg.
What are you scared of?: Losing my best friend or some I love dying.
What is your greatest accomplishment?: I don’t think I have one...
What kinda roof is over your head?: Err...
Do you like tomatoes?: Not really, no.
How many residents?: Just 4 for the moment. But my beloved cousin is staying the whole summer with me and the rest of the family is going to come, so the house is going to be full! Yippie!

Your looks ~
Hair color: Red. Yeah, you heard me. It's ugly as hell. What else is new. I'm just an ugly person.
Eye color?: Blue.
Height: 5'2"
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: I just got glasses because I'm wicked near sighted. I only need to wear thing when we're doing class discussions, watching tv, and other stuff like that.
Do u have any piercings?: Yup, my ears and cartillage. I want my belly button pierced wicked badly!!! My dad says yes, my mum says no. =[

Just lately ~
What pants are you wearing right now?: I was wearing Aeropostale Jeans. Now I'm in my PJ's.
What does your hair look like at the moment?: Tied in a pony tail because It's so beeping ugly.
What song are you listening to right now?: Good Charlotte - Change/Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claus from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
Last person you talked to on the phone?: Bren-dee-nah (I think). Yeah, he was telling me how Charlie (his cat) came back the day they got two new cats. Lol!
Last Dream you can remember?: Wow, I actually can't think of any at the moment.
Who are you talking to right now?: I was talking to Aram, but I'm busy at the moment.
What time is it?: 6:57 PM

More about You ~
What are the last four digits of your phone number?: 5675
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Either black or pink. Lol. So diverse! =]
What's the next CD you are going to buy?: Lets see, there's Sugarcult, My Chemical Romance, Something Corperate, Motion City Soundtrack,
What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?: Errr... I've done a lot of stupid things like falling in love, gluing my fingers together, trying to kill myself way more than once, being here in the first place, so on and so on.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: Ugg.... everything. My hair, my eyes, my sensivity, my teeth, depression....
Where do you shop the most? Now I shop at HOT TOPIC the most. Along with Aeropostale, Jumpgate, Spencer's, Pacsun...
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Maybe.
Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?: I did yesterday. Lol. I broke up with him and I'm glad.
Do you have a crush?: Yes.
Who is your crush?: Hmmm... Like I would tell you? Hahaha!
Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?: Somewhere nice.
Do you find yourself attractive?: Sorry.
Do others find you attractive? No.

Your favorites ~
Color: Blue.
Food: Tacos, Munchies, Reese's...
Sport: Soccer.
Saying: Uhh... I can't think of any at the moment. There's way too many.

Have you ever ~
Wanted to kill someone? Wanted to, yes of course. I want to kill Jeffery Farmer right now. But just because I want to, doesn't mean I will!
Broken the law? Probably.
Ran from the cops? Nah.
Tried to kill yourself? Maybe...
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Maybe.

Firsts ~
First Kiss: Err...
First Job: Newspaper route.
First Screenname: Soccerfrog209
First Enemy: Myself.

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[15 Apr 2005|09:49pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I've moved to xanga. I'll try to write in here every once in a while, but I've become attached to my xanga, so I can't guarantee that I will.


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The used bookie thingy... Lol. [13 Apr 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Yesterday, Ryan was showing Lyssie something in his Used booklet thingy and I was walking to my locker and I was like "Hey, I have that!" And he like COOL! And slips me high five. Then I ran to my classroom, through all the papers out of my agenda book, and grabbed my booklet. I showed it to him and he started bouncing up and down because he was so excited. It made me giggle and Lyss just starred at us like we were the biggest dorks ever. He checked to see if mine was like his because I guess one of the thank you notes in his was smudged and he wanted to see if mine was like that. But, mine was normal and he was all pissy. Lol. He's pretty cool. I guess I judged him too soon. Yeah, you heard me Lyss. He's cool.

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Oh how I'm random like this... [13 Apr 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | Happy ]

Wow, I'm retarded... Lol.

To my beloved Sawah: I'm so sorry Anthony blew you off. He's a bum for not realizing that he has the most nicest, smartest, and prettiest girl right in front of him. You deserve so much better! I love you!

To my beloved Lyssie: I can't wait till you get back from Florida so that we can go to Boston together. THE PHAAAAAANTOMMM OF THE OPERAAA SOMETHING SOMETHING! *dances around like a dork* Lol. We've had so many great mems together. I BLUB YOU!

To my beloved Bren-dee-nah: Lol. You're the most amazing friend I've ever had. When everything's going wrong, you always know how to pick me up. We always have so much fun together and I can tell you anything. Well, almost anything... lol.

To my beloved Karina: You're my favoritest cousin in the whole wide world. I love you so much! I can't wait until you get to come this summer. We'll do everything together. Ugg. I'm crying because I miss you soo much! I always do when I think about how much fun we're going to have together. Still crying. I'm such a dork. 8-)

To my beloved Jadio: We've had the most hilarious times together. You: "Kayleigh, my feet are two different sizes! Look." *Looks* Me: "Wow, they are. HAHA!" "Are you boobs two different sizes too?" *Cracks up laughing while Dan just stares at us like we're freaks* or at the dance when we we're dancng to the titanic. "YOOOOUUU'RRREEE HERRRREE!!!! THEREE'S NOOOOOOTHINGGG I..." Lol. I love you Pookie!

To my beloved Lissy: SQUISHY!!!!! *Runs smack into you and knocks you over* It's good to know that I stil can do that. I love how we never really get mad at each other. It's almost always happy happy happy. Lol. I love you! (Even though you love Lyssie more than me! *WWEEPPS*)

To my beloved Aram: Sometimes I wish that you never had to leave and it was just you, me, Jasmine, and Brendan. Those were the good old days! Lol. Well, one of these days, the four of us should get together because I haven't seen you since this summer! YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY YOU BUTTHEAD! Lol. OoH well, I don't care anymore. I miss you!

If I forgot someone, I'm wicked sorry! Tell me and I'll add you as soon as possible!!! I started out just telling Sarah that she doesn't need Anthony, but then I thought that Lyssie would think that I loved Sarah more, I had to write to her too. Than I thought what about my beloved Brenna? Then I just did a whole bunch of people. Lol.

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[ mood | infuriated ]

XoOnceUponATimeX: y how was ur day?
Soccerfrog209: shitty
Soccerfrog209: urs?
XoOnceUponATimeX: Kayleigh its me Jasmine!
XoOnceUponATimeX: How are you
XoOnceUponATimeX: how was the paing?
XoOnceUponATimeX: Pain*
XoOnceUponATimeX: I miss you!
Soccerfrog209: lousy
XoOnceUponATimeX: You werent there
Soccerfrog209: I feel like shit
Soccerfrog209: yeah I know
Soccerfrog209: lol
XoOnceUponATimeX: Brendan won 2 Mike won 3 Liz won 1 Brunell and Alex won 4!!!
XoOnceUponATimeX: Civic Oration
Soccerfrog209: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Soccerfrog209: LIZ!
XoOnceUponATimeX: I wasnt even the first 7 people
Soccerfrog209: WHAT THE FUCK!
Soccerfrog209: BRENDAN SHOULD OF WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soccerfrog209: GOD DAMMIT!
Soccerfrog209: $#^&(*^$
Soccerfrog209: UGGG
Soccerfrog209: I'm sorry Jasmine, you should have been in there too.
Soccerfrog209: You're a winner to me!
Soccerfrog209: lol
Soccerfrog209: Jasmine?
XoOnceUponATimeX: yeah
Soccerfrog209: I'm sorry
XoOnceUponATimeX: I know!! And I was better than most people! j/k I missed you!! You should call brendan to give himn some comfort
Soccerfrog209: Yeah I will
Soccerfrog209: I feel so bad
Soccerfrog209: Brendan should have won
Soccerfrog209: I wish I could give him a big ol' hug
Soccerfrog209: lol
Soccerfrog209: you too...

Yeah, I wasn't too happy! Brendan's was amazing and nothing Liz could write could be half as good as Brendan's! GOD DAMMIT! lol, sorry. I need to calm down. ^$#*&^%*$#! Well, at least he made second. So did Vicky, so that's going to be cool for them. Sibling revelry. Lol.

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[13 Apr 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | yucky ]

I'm watching the Surreal Life's Dirty Laundry special. It's pretty funny. I got to stay home today due to my (blah) surgery. I was soo nervous. When the enjected the needle, I remember one second just talking and then the next thing you know I was dead asleep. When I woke up, I was like "Wow, I didn't expect it to go like that!" Lol. I felt really weird and the lady brought me into the recovery room where I was to wait for a while. My mummy came in and we talked. My cheeks felt humongous and it made me feel like a dork. I felt fine until I got to the car. Then I had the sharpest pain where the surgery was, and I started balling my eyes out. When we get home, the pain just kept getting worse and worse. My mum walked we to my room and I laid down and cried some more. After a while we ran out of the stuff that I needed to keep in my mouth, so my much had to run out and get some more. I begged and cried for her not to leave me, but she said I would be swallowing way too much blood and that she would be no more than 20 minutes. I cried myself to sleep. I woke up a couple hours later and I guess the pain medicine must have finally kicked in because I felt fine. My mum made me take even more along with my anti-depressant (i think) so that the pain wouldn't come back. I also got to have a chocolate shake, but I had to drink it really weridly with a spoon. Let me tell you, blood and chocolate don't mix very well. My gums are still bleeding, but the swelling has gone down.

Yesterday I had to go to the eye doctor and it turns out I'm near sighted. Woo. We got my eyes checked at Wal-mart and the lady told my mum that it would be 15 minutes and she could either come back then or have me go find her. Well, 15 minutes later my mum wasn't there so the lady said I could either stay there and look at frames for my glasses or go and find my mum. I was all excited, so I said I'd stay and look. While I was trying on the dorkest glasses, I turn to see Nick Gary in the line about 20 to 30 feet in front of me. I was like, "Oh shit!" and I told the lady that I changed my mind and that I was going to go find my mum. I go around the beeping store twice and there's no sign of mum, but I manage to somehow see Nick in another isle and Austin Evans too. I drooled at the sight of Nick for a minute and continued to look for my mum. After a while I gave up and went back to the eye place and told him that I could find her. I figured that Nick would be long gone so I didn't feel so dorky. I go back and there he is, still in line. I was like, "This is just peachy!" They called my mum over the intercom and I sat in the corner and wait for a couple of minutes. I was wicked annoyed. Finally she came and he left. How do I always manage to see Nick everywhere? Lol. Brendan and I saw him at Kohl's and then at the mall like 8 times. It was wicked funny.


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Social Studies... [12 Apr 2005|12:46pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Yeah, I'm in Social Studies. It's pretty interesting (I guess). It's wicked sad though. (Holocaust) Yup yup.

Tomorrow's my surgery! =( I'm wicked nervous. 4 teeth shall be pulled and they are going to put a chain up my gums to get the tooth. Ugg. They're putting me to sleep and I get this silly gas. LOL. I get to sleep all day tomorrow and Thursday. Perfect timing because Tom is here and God I hate him! LOL.

I must call my beloved Karina. I was supposed to yesterday, but I fell asleep and didn't wake till around 10:00-10:30. I love her! We have sooo much in common. Can't wait till she comes this summer! WOO! Lol.

My tummy hurts. It says feed me. Lol. I haven't eaten all day. We have like NO FOOD in our beeping house. Thank god we're going shopping today. .:Stomach Growls:.

OoH yeah, I need to classes. I have an eye doctor appointment thingy today. Yup yup.

Gotta go.

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.:Walter Elias Disney:. [03 Apr 2005|12:27pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

I should be working on my civic oration... well actually, perfecting it, but I've been working on it none stop for days now and I need a break. I'm doing the Disney Era, and it's not that bad. I can't wait till Brendan gets back so I can practice with him. I hope they did really good in the competition. Woo. Lol.

My mummy and I went to Best Buy yesterday and I bought Simple Plans first cd (don't ask) and Matchbox Romance's Stories and Alibi's. She bought Def Leppard's greatest hits. I love them! Lol. We listened to it last night in the car while we were doing the route and listening to art bell. Lol. We kept on switching back and forth from the cd to am radio.



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So deep, that it didn't even bleed and catch me... [20 Mar 2005|07:24pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I'm so HAPPY! I finally got The Used cd yesterday! It's awesome!!!! The only downside to it is that I have to finish the laundry, vaccuum every other day, and do the dishes every night for a week just to pay it off. Oh well. It's sooo worth it! +D

I spent the whole day with Cody today, and it was perfect. I really needed it. He made me feel so much better about the whole Jeff thing. We went for a really long walk that I'm not sure how long it was, but it was LONG! Lol. On the way back, there was these ballons on a sign and Cody just had to take one. It was wicked funny because he couldn't get it off. Then we watched A Cinderella Story and then MTV's spring break. Oh yeah, and we went through all of his old baby pictures and stuff like that. He was soo cute! And hehe, I did his hair with like 20 little piggy tails in a whole bunch of different colors. He was screaming every 5 seconds and I almost peed myself laughing so hard. He also let me paint his nails and I put one of my pink shoe laces in his shoe so that we each had a pink shoe lace and a white shoe lace. It was cute how mad he was at Jeff. He's like when I see him I'm gonna beat the shit out of him. And I'm like okay Cody, you do that. Lol. I love him to death. It nice to know that someone cares...

"It's hard to say that I was wrong.
It's hard to say I miss you.
Since you've been gone, it's not the same..."
The Used - Hard To Say <333


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[17 Mar 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I'm in the middle of social studies and we're waiting for it to be 12:00 so we can test the last science part of the MEA's. My mum should be picking me up any minute (thank god) because I have all this other testing I have to do. I hate Jeff, he's being an asshole. I'm going to dump his sorry ass (lol) and I just wanna curl up in a ball and die. Unfortunatly, Jasmine perfect timingly checked my wrist and I had just cut myself two nights ago. I was so mad at myself. I just couldn't stop until it bleed, and when it wouldn't I went crazy and stabbed the desk and was carving in it. I gotta go. Mea's. Woo. Not really.

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[28 Feb 2005|11:17pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

It's 11:00 at night and I can't sleep. I go to bed thinking about Jeff and I wake up thinking about Jeff. I knew I shouldn't have taken that nap, but I just couldn't stay up and continue to wonder who do I trust? Who can I trust? I dunno what's real and what's not anymore either. It's like it's all a fairy tale. All I know is that I want Randy to be wrong.

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[27 Feb 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

OMG, this is the funniest thing (well, I think it is). Thursday Josie, Cody, Cody's friend (Dalton), my mum, my sister, and I all went to Applebee's for dinner to celebrate Cody's birfday. Well, we had gotten there late because we had to drop off Tasha and Jasmine before we got there, so they were waiting for a couple minutes. As soon as we got there, Cody and his friend Dalton completely shut up. I was like WTF is your problem? They made me feel like a walking freak show. They whispering and stuff and I was getting really pissed off and so was Josie. But anyways, getting off track. Well, while we were waiting for our food, a woman walks by and Josie's like dude, she smells like stayfree scented pads, don't you think? My mum's like umm... no? Well, Cody bursts out singing "I LOVE COTTON, I LOVE ALWAYS!" from the commercial. We cracked up laughing. It was so funny! Well, my mum forgot all about it until this morning when she saw the commercial and she was like "We should get him pads for his bithday!" So we did! We got some pads, wrapped them up and put it into it's own little bag. There was three bags. A little one, a medium sized one, and a big one. We decided that it would be too embarrassing for him to open it in front of his friends (seeing that he's only 11). When we got there and we were bowling and everything, and my mum, Taylor, and Josie were on the other side of the place with the littler balls because it was hard for Taylor with the big ones. So later on Cody sits down and starts to open the littlest bag (cologne). I didn't even notice. As I'm bowling, he's like "Hey Kayleigh!" and shows me it. I was like "Cody, do NOT open the medium sized bag. You'll regret it!" I turned around and finished bowling. Next thing I knew Cody had opened the bag and was freaking out. It was soo funny. He ran over to his mum and was like "MUM! I STARTED MY PERIOD!" with like 7 pads in his hand held up high in the air and the place was packed with people. It was soo hilarious! I was like rolling on the floor laughing. See, he's the kind of person who just doesn't care. And he's so funny! "You're gonna take this dollar and you're gonna go to bed Stewart!" Lol, insiders joke. But yeah, other than that, Cody was a total jerk all day and he was really pissing me off. It was like he was using me. He is using me. *Rolls eyes* I'll explain later, but yeah, they're coming over tomorrow because Josie's all excited about getting her contacts. Hehe.


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[24 Feb 2005|12:25am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Mest - Walking on Broken Glass

Time goes by, I just try
To hold my head up high
People try to deny
Classify, or just hide

The feelings, what's inside
Broken hearts, and hard times
Don't let life break you down this time

I'm sitting here, crying here
You're alone, and dying there
Waiting for bad news
Like walking on broken glass
No answers for what was asked, you're all alone
Cuz you know that I'd give my life for you
Time can be nothing but our enemy

Don't give up just hold on
Is the pain just too strong
To hold on
Sometimes we're wrong when we think we're right

Tonight will be the night
You'll break free from this fight
Dont let life break you down this time

I'm sitting here, crying here
You're alone, and dying there
Waiting for bad news
Like walking on broken glass
No answers for what was asked, you're all alone
Cuz you know that I'd give my life for you
Time can be nothing but our enemy

I die inside from all I feel
Does it have to be this way?
Memories of yesterday
When it all just slips away
I give up everything I had to keep you one more day
I know that it's not right
Why do we feel this way?
Why do I feel this way

I'm sitting here, crying here
You're alone, and dying there
Waiting for bad news
Like walking on broken glass
No answers for what was asked, you're all alone
Cuz you know that I'd give my life for you
Time can be nothing but our enemy...

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"I'm sitting here, crying here..." [23 Feb 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I weirdly happy and I don't really know why. I was just really sick about a half an hour ago too. Anyways, I'm sitting here talking to Aram and listening to the one of the cd's Lyssie made me, and I really like this song. The moons out and it's wicked pretty. It makes me smile. =) I wish it was the summer and I could sit outside in the grass and just gaze at the stars with my best friend and pretend like there's not a care in the world. Hmmm... Sounds good to me. =D

I miss Jeff. I talked to him online today. He didn't know who I was at first. I was soo mad! *Weeps*

Cody's coming over tomorrow. Yay! It's his birfday! I hope his isn't still upset. I wonder if he made the play-offs. I hope so! Lol. I'll call him at like 12 o'clock in the morning and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lol. Oh crap, it is 12! Well then, nevermind. I'll call him at like 8...


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Hehe... [21 Feb 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey. I'm at Lissy's house right now. I was supposed to go shopping with Tasha today, but since it snowed, my mum wouldn't let us go. Grrr. But anyways, I'm having fun at Lissy's. We're being geeks. We watched Sleepover and The Breakfast Club, and we must of taken at least 20 pictures. Hehe.

That's ugly old me! Yuck.


Lissy and Me.

Lissy and Emmie.

Pretty Emily wearing my hat (Lissy's sister).

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Unreachable... [20 Feb 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | high ]

Ups and downs of the past week:

+I'm going out with Jeff.
-Jade started a wicked bad cutting problem.
--Tasha tried to commit suicide (that was wicked scary).
--My Pepe has been diagnosed with throat cancer.
-My daddy let to go to Florida to see my Pepe.
-I had the stomach flu.
--Puked in the middle of Social Studies.
-I managed to look like shit on the day of spring pictures.
+Jade promised to stop cutting.
-Tasha was in ISS the rest of the week.
+Tasha won't try to hurt herself again.
+Went roller blading with Tasha.
-My friggin 12 year molars are just now coming in.
-I'm getting braces.
-I broke Kodie's heart itty bitty heart.
+Going to the mall tomorrow.
-Haven't talked to my Bren-dee-naah for 3 whole days! *WEEPS*

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"Don't make me cry..." [20 Feb 2005|09:01pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So lets start with Jeff from the list. I'm really glad we're going out. He's really sweet! I already miss him and we've only been on vacation for 2 days. Weeps...

Tuesday I went to the dentist and they said forget about the spacers... I'm getting braces. My mum was so mad when she saw the bill. She's still ranting. Oh and my 12 year molars that were supposed to come in about 2 years ago, are just now coming in and it hurts like heck!

Then there's the whole Jade cutting thing. I got really worried about her when I noticed that she had slits on her wrists. I kinda think it was a cry for help, knowing that she has problems at home and at school. Maybe she felt that that was the only way for people to notice her. If that's it, than she definitely got what she wanted. But now she's promised to stop and I'm really happy.

Now on to Tasha. Wednesday in math, she went went to the gym and got a big bags of pills that she had left in Desiree's locker. When she got back in class, she showed me the bag. I panicked and told Ms. Constantine that I saw it and she told the Principle and assistant principle. By the time they got to her, she had already taken one. She got an ISS for getting caught with the pills and yeah. It was a very stressful day, lets just say that. But Jade and I called her and she said that she was actually happy that she was in ISS because she was able to catch up on all her school work and she promised that she wouldn't do that again.

Friday was just an all around shitty day pretty much. It was spring pictures day and I wanted to look perfect for once so I had my mum do my hair. Well, it got all messed up and decided to straighten it. I was in the middle of it when the bus went bus the first time, so I had to grab my stuff and go. So, I skipped spring pictures. Jeff was mad at me.

When we were going back to class from pictures, Ms. Lord told me my mum was here. So I got separated from Jeff and had to go talk with them. It was a hour long talk. Yeah, don't ask. I didn't feel so good, but my mum had to go to a funeral, so she didn't take me home with her.

I was feeling really sick in math, so Lisa and I went to the nurse. I called my mum and left a message on her cell phone to call the nurse when she got the message. I went back to class. When we switched classes, I was particularly bitchy about going to social studies because I was sick and I hate Mr. Lamothe. I felt wicked sick at one point and I asked Jade if she would bring me to the bathroom because I thought I was going to puke. She said after the test. I figured that it would be no big deal and I stuck it out. Bad idea. The phone rang and the nurse called saying that my mum had called. Mr. Lamothe sent me to the nurse, but I couldn't move. He started yelling at me and then someone was like dude, she's not feeling well. Then I puked. Twice. Mr. Lamothe told everyone to go out in the hall and it felt like it was all a dream because first of all I never puke and second, I don't like to draw unnecessary attention to myself. It still doesn't feel like it happened. I could stop crying and I was brought down to the nurse and called my mum. I was feeling better when I realized I had Brendan's laptop. So I asked the nurse if she could tell me where he was at that time so I could give him his laptop back. When I made it upstairs and poked in the room, he gave a mad face because I had his laptop. When he came out in the hall, I started to cry and told what had just happened. He made me feel a lot better after and said that he would keep me company in the nurses office while I waited for my mummy to come. I didn't wanna leave. But as soon as I got home, I was sick again. (I knew I shouldn't have eaten those waffles. I figured that they would make it better. But it made it worse. Much worse.)

On the way home my mum told me that my Pepe had just be diagnosed with throat cancer. I was devastated. My Daddy and my aunt made an emergency trip to Florida to see him. He wasn't to happy when he found out they were. He figured they were just coming because the thought that he wasn't going to make it.

Saturday I was feeling a lot better. Tasha called and invited me to go to Roller Skate Newington. Omg, we had soo much fun. We're such geeks. We're going shopping tomorrow. It's going to be great! I think we might be dragging Cody along... I'm not sure. His Birfday is this Thursday!

Oh, and I haven't talked to Brendan in 3 days! *WEEPS* I'm so used to talking to him everyday day. He called today while we were gone, and I called him like 20 times but no one was home. I'll just have to call him again tomorrow and hope that he's home. I never got to tell him that I made select chorus. I was too sick to remember! I'm all excited.

Well, goodnight!

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Aww... [13 Feb 2005|03:54pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Conversation between Jeff and I Wednesday:

Me: Jeff you butt, you're soo mean! (In cause you're wondering why he was so mean, he said something to Ashlyn and she got really mad at him and then he's like I don't care about her.)
Me: You're soo mean!!! You only care about certain things... like yourself!
(Jeff has my laptop and I'm on Becky's helping her with something)
Jeff: really well i have ur computer so what now and i care about you and yeah so what what...

That's so sweet! There's more, but I don't really wanna put it in here. Lol. Too Lazy.

Anyways, you know what's absolutly hilarious? Okay, one of my best friends, Cody, (who's 10, soon to be 11) whom I've known ever since I was little, has had a crush on me for a very long time now. It's very obvious, but he tries to deny it. Well, I just found out that's he's telling all his friends that I'm his girlfriend! Haha. I just can't burst his bubble and tell him not to because I don't wanna hurt him and he's my best friend! And pathetically, I would probably go out with him if he was my age. He's just a great person and I really like him. Wow, that's pathetic, isn't it? I'm 14! That's so wrong! But hey, he LOOKS 14, if not older. Does that count for anything? No? Fine, be that way! Haha.

Well, I gotta go. My dad needs to use the phone and I need to call Tasha after. Toodles!


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*Giggles* [11 Feb 2005|10:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey! Just quick updates before I go off to bed:

I broke up with Mike Wednesday. I was so happy and bouncy, so I called Tasha. I told her not to tell Jeff and Randy, and she promised she wouldn't. About and hour later, Jeff and Randy calls and after a while Randy asked if I would go out wit Jeff. I said that I would answer the next day. Randy got mad at me and hung up. Jeff called about 20 minutes later. Hehe...

I'm dozing off, so I guess I'll just have to finish tomorrow! Night!

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[10 Feb 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

I'm so mad at my mum right now. She went to the doctors yesterday and when she came home, she was acting all weird. So I asked what was up and she said nothing. I must have asked at least 5 times that day, and she said nothing, that she was fine. Well, I was sitting here in the computer room, listening to music when I hear my mum talking about the doctors yesterday. I was soo mad when she was talking about some rare thing she has and that only old people get. OMG, now she's talking about maybe having STDS! MY GOD! That means Taylor and I could have it too. I know that somethings going on. I've known for years. But they all keep me left in the dark. I'm so pissed off! I wanna go out there and yell at her, but I'm not in the mood to get into a fight tonight. I'm too busy thinking about someone...



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[09 Feb 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | hurt ]

I wish I could just crawl in a hole and die. I really do... I'll explain later when I get home.

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[06 Feb 2005|11:12am]
[ mood | waiting ]

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't written in a while! I've been really stressed out and depressed lately. Here's some things you missed:

I've dyed my hair a lighter blonde. It's not as blonde as I wanted it, but it will have to do for now. I love the smell of dyed hair. Mmmmmmm. I also got my hair cut the week before I got my hair dyed. After I got it dyed, everyone noticed that it was cut. But the whole week before everyone was oblivious! It was pretty amusing to watch people saw wow, you dyed your hair and you cut it. I was like Ummm, yeah I got it cut a week ago.

We went to Harris farm Wednesday. It was pretty fun. I ice skated pretty much all day. My teacher was trying to get me to go cross country skiing, and I'm very glad that I didn't because my friend spraind her angle her second time going and had to go home. Since all my friends ditched me to go crosscountry skiing, I decided to hang out with Tasha and Lisa. It was wicked fun and I taught Tasha how to skate. The only problem is, she was really good for her first time and didn't fall once! The bum! I feel more than her, and I've been skating for a while now. Although I fell because Jeff plowed me over and I brought him down with me! I took his hat and wore it the rest of the day after that. I was so tired when I got home that I went to bed at 4:00!

Since Harris Farm, Tasha and Randy have been trying to get Jeff and I to go out. Tasha says were soo cute together... okay, maybe we are, but that's not the point! The literally stalk me saying "When are you going to break up with Mike, when are you going to break up with Mike?". Even Jeff constantly asks me. But it's really cute. I just don't know when I'm going to break up with Mike, or how I'm gonna do it. And I'm not sure I want to go out with Jeff. He's always in loud and always in trouble. But he's just so cute! I dunno what to do with him!

My cousin is coming down for the summer if I get good grades the rest of the year! The only problem is, I'm stupid and I'm not doing so well for grades. I need to fix it if I want my cousin to come (which I desperately do!). And Mea's are coming in a month. I'm so scared because on the pre-test, I didn't understand some of it and I just guessed, and what if I have to guess the whole test? I'm just not smart enough.

I hate snow and I love snow. I hate snow because it makes me farther away from my destination... Summer! I love it because I can get the day off from school because of it. But, then we have to make it up in summer, so I go back to hating it. I dunno. I just wish that it was summer and I was swimming in my pool or spending as much time online as I want.

Well, I gots to go. Josie and Cody are coming soon and I'm all excited because I haven't seen them in a week!

Go Patriots!


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Wounded... [25 Jan 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

"Good Charlotte - Wounded"

Lost and broken,
Hopeless and lonely.
Smiling on the outside,
and hurt beneath my skin.

My eyes are fading,
My soul is bleeding.
I'll try to make it seem okay,
But my faith is wearing thin.

So help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open,
And I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me sew them up.

I only wanted a magazine,
I only wanted a movie screen,
I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed.
And now my mind is an open book,
And now my heart is an open wound,
And now my life is an open soul for all to see.

But help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open and I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me,
So you come along,
I push you away,
Then kick and scream for you to stay.
Cuz I need someone to help me,
Oh I need someone to help me,
To help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open,
And I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me sew them,
I need someone to help me fill them,
I need someone to help me close them up.

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[04 Jan 2005|10:45pm]
[ mood | Wondering ]

I'm getting really annoyed! It won't let me post a full picture in the backround without it being in boxs. Can someone help me? Like Lyssie Fishy Wishy who loves me so! Lol. Thanks!


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[01 Jan 2005|07:15pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I finally got most of the glue of my fingers from this morning. How could I be so stupid? Anyways, yesterday I went to the mall with Brendan, Cody, Josie, my mum, and my sister. It was pretty fun. I got a pair of jeans, two shirts, a sweater, and CONVERSE!!! WOO HOO! Finally! They are black with pink in the middle and they are the COOLEST! =D I'm so happy! I had so much fun with Brendan too. We tried to see if he could sleepover because it was New Years Eve, but that didn't work out, so he just hung out at my house for a while. Taylor wouldn't leave him alone! She's obsessed with him. It's kinda funny, but really annoying at most times.

Today I went to the movies with Cody, Josie, Taylor, Mum, and Dad. We Saw Spongebob. It was okay, but not the best movie I've ever seen. When the movie got out, my mum made me go visit my Nana. This may seem mean, but I honestly don't want to because there's just too much drama and I'm miserable there. I feel bad saying that! But anyways, we were there for about a half an hour and then we left to go pick up some of Josie's Grandfather's furniture. The stuff didn't fit, but Josie made it fit. It was pretty funny to watch. Cody and I just played pass and waited for them to be done.

Well, I'm going to go finish the game I'm playing and then go watch one of my favorite movies The Legend of Billie Jean. That movie is AWESOME and if you ever get the chance to see it, please do! =) Later Skaters!


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[01 Jan 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | tired ]

I would like to state that I am offically the dumbest person in the world. I guess I was bored waiting for a game to load and I dunno why, but for some reason I felt like gluing my fingers together with nail glue. It was just sitting there, so I picked it up, opened the cap and put it between my two finger. I screwed the cap back on and when I went to go pull my fingers apart, they were stuck. Really stuck. panicking I search on google for how to get them apart. This little website tells to dip in warm water and pry it open with the end of a spoon. So I run to go get a spoon and some soap for the water I already hand my fingres in and start prying. Let me tell you, it hurt like HELL!!!!! So now I'm sitting here picking all the glue and skin of my skin (lol) and mentally added that to my list of stupid things I've done. I'll show you some of the list...

[x]Burning bra in microwave.
[x]Sending out mail with only a 1 cent postage stamp and sitting there wondering why they sent me back my letter.
[x]Prying my spacer out and losing it.
[x]Sharing a toilet with your best friend.
[x]Eating the fuzzies off a blanket (which I still do).
[x]Falling in love.
[x]Gluing fingers together...

There's alot more, but I'm so tired that everything's getting blurry and I can't see. I'll tell you more later! Bye!


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[29 Dec 2004|12:30pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Time to wake up! Ehh.. I don't wanna! I'm soo hungry right now that my stomach's growling! Maybe that's a sign to get food. NO WAY! *DERR* I want something like McDonalds or *Eyes bulge* TACO BELL!!! Mmmmmmm! I like right now. *Licks lips in hunger* =D

My mum finally said that Lissy could sleep over and now nobody's answering the phone! LISSY PICK UP THE PHONE!!! Please?

I get to go *SHOPPING* (WHITE CHICKS MOMENT)!!!! Woo hoo! I get to get new PJ's because the one's that she got me for Christmas are wayyy too big! When I looked at them I was like "What, do you think I'm FAT? Lol. So we're going to get new one's. Yippie. We will get TACO BELL on the way.

YAY LISSY'S ONLINE!!!! Gotta go! Later Skaters!


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The Breakfast Club!!! [28 Dec 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | In Love ]

Saturday, March 24, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois. 60062. Dear Mr. Vernon... We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was that we did wrong, what we did was wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write this essay telling you who we think we are, what do you care? You see us as you want to see us... in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athelete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Correct? That's the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning. We were brainwashed...

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[28 Dec 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | Alone ]

I guess I'm staying here another night and TOMORROW Lissy's sleeping over! Well, hopefully. And we are going to watch The Breakfast Club because I love that movie! I need to go take a bath. I will in a minute, I guess.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I finally got my absolutely awesomely awesome Level 27 hoodie!!! Lyssie's mad at me because hers hasn't come in yet... actually, her dad hasn't even bought it yet. She was livid when she found out. She won't even let me talk about it! Hehe. Sorry Lyss, I'll shut it.

I'mmmm all alone... there's no one here besssiiiddeee mmeeee!!! Lol. My grandma just left me to go bowling.
Nothing's on but Lizzie McGuire! *Gasps + eyes bulge* Blah. Man she's such a snot. She just told her mum to get lost at the bra store. That's so mean!


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[28 Dec 2004|12:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Morning... well actually it would be afternoon, but I just woke up so I say it's morning! Anyways, I'm watching Viva La Bam and it's freaking hilarious! +) I love that show! I feel so bad for Ape though. She has to put up with Bam's wildness 24/7. That must really suck!

I need to call Lissy to see if she's going to sleepover tonight! I hope so because Lissy ROCKS! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LYSSIE! Lol. JUST KIDDING! I love both of you lots and lots! Wouldn't it be kewl if my name was Alyssa too and I spelt Lissy somehow differently than the way you guys spell yours? Yeah! But anyways, if somehow Lissy can't come over today, than there's always tomorrow! Than we can somehow get Lyssie to come too!

I probably won't be able to write as many journal entries for a while because my home computer's not letting me go on anything that's livejournal or google. It's really pissing me off. So, sorry if there's times when I don't write for a while!


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